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We offer a personal approach which understands the difficulties people face in life and that a property can often add to these stresses. We are open and honest with our clients and don’t have any hidden charges. We seek to find the best way to help and let people get on with their lives. Our service is totally confidential with no signs, bill boards of vehicles with marketing logos. We will give you the options open to you and will never pressurise you into a decision you are not comfortable with.

We aspire to be the largest Property Investment Company in the UK helping thousands of people sell their homes each year. We pride ourselves on getting the best solution for our clients with a discrete and professional service at no charge to you.

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problems property owners face

  1. Rising interest rates

  2. Facing repossession

  3. Bad debt problems and need to get access to your equity fast

  4. Need to sell going through divorce or separation

  5. Have become unemployed and can’t afford mortgage

  6. Have falling behind on mortgage payments

  7. Property not selling on open market

  8. Property belonged to a loved one that has passed away

  9. Need to sell the house fast to relocate jobs or move house

  10. Need money fast and can’t wait any longer on potential buyer selling their own property

  11. Can’t afford to spend money on property to make it fit to sell on open market

  12. Can’t afford Estate agents costs to advertise

  13. Don’t want to pay Estate agents fees

  14. Can’t afford the solicitors fees

  15. Property in negative equity

  16. Don’t want to be a Landlord and deal with tenant issues

  17. Want to sell but continue to live in property

solutions to these problems

  1. We can make an offer within 24 hours of viewing property

  2. Guaranteed offer, which isn’t dependent upon another property sale

  3. We buy properties in any condition in any area

  4. We are a totally free service

  5. Free valuation and offer

  6. We pay your solicitors fees

  7. There are no Estate agent costs

  8. We can get a solution to your negative equity problem

  9. We can buy the property then rent it back to you

case studies

left run down property

After my mother had passed we needed to sell the property and divide the money between the families. The property was dated and had old bathrooms and kitchen. It was advertised for 6 months with no offers. We contacted ABC Property Buyers and had a friendly chat on phone first. I then arranged for them to visit property and they made me an offer within a few days, which I accepted.

landlord property not performing

With the interest rates set to increase I knew the profit I was making from the tenant was going to drop, also as the tax on income is changing this was going to mean I get even less profit each year. The person I spoke to understood the new changes and was able to relate to these problems. I decided to get them round to see how much I could get for property, and I later accepted their offer

Divorce / separated

When going through the divorce the last thing I needed was signs up and neighbours asking questions. I didn’t want people walking round the house on viewings and waiting on back and forth offers. I contacted ABC Property Buyers and within 24 hours of viewing the house they made an offer that suited me and allowed me to settled outstanding debts and move on with my life.

need to sell to buy another property

We had found our dream home and had an offer on old house which feel through after bank valuation didn’t match the agreed price. The owners of the new house wanted us to complete or they were going to accept the next best offer. We had to sell the house quick so we contact ABC Property Buyers. They were familiar with our situation and found them to be honest and professional, we agreed a price and completed within just 3 weeks.

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