ABC Property Buyers
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benefits of abc property buyers

ABC Property Buyers know that your house isn’t just bricks and mortar, this has been your home, or a place you have had many happy memories and unfortunately sometimes a place with bad memories. We want to make selling your house easier no matter what you circumstances and try and make it as pain free as possible. To do this we are extremely discrete with no estate agent signs or pictures in the paper so only you will know. We want to get your property sold quickly to allow you to move on with the rest of your life.


  1. Fast Offer We can make an offer within 24 hours of viewing property

  2. Guaranteed Offer Which isn’t dependent upon another property sale

  3. Any Condition We buy properties in any condition in any area

  4. Free Valuation We are a totally free service

  5. No Legal Costs We pay you solicitors fees

  6. There are no Estate agent costs This can save you on average £1,500-£2,000

  7. Negative Equity We can get a solution to your negative equity problem

  8. We can buy the property then rent it back to you

where we buy

  1. Northern Ireland

  2. Southern Ireland

  3. England

  4. Scotland

  5. Wales